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Monday, May 19, 2008

Ridgecrest Downtown Wine Walk

First off, Happy Monday! I'm writing this from inside the house, which is so very sad looking. I'm doing laundry, and Puppy and I went up the hill behind the community college and ran around a bit this morning and now we're cooling down. At 10:30am it's 95ยบ!!! I'm waiting for clothes to dry, and hanging out with the dog so he doesn't go crazy being by himself day after day.

He's sitting on the tile looking out of the front screen door as the morning slowly passes him by.

This weekend was especially tough. Pat and I are feeling the closed in apartment compared to our wide open house. It's hard to feel relaxed, and enjoy yourself in such a small space. I find it amusing that given different circumstances, this is the living situation we'd be in. Pat has a hard time understanding that not all people live the life he does. It's very strange.

Anyway! Ridgecrest does what's called a Downtown Wine Walk, and Pat decided to take me to it so that I'd stop being quite so bored. We started out at a bunch of stores on Ridgecrest Blvd. that I didn't even know existed. We went to Kings and Queens, and then Lids, or Hats, or something like that.

We paid $10 each and got a wrist band and a glass. You can go to any participating store and get a glass and complete the circuit in any way you'd like. Next time we'll start somewhere else and get a differently decorated glass! But moving on!

We walked down the south side of Ridgecrest Blvd., and saw places I had never known about. Then we wandered down Balsam, surprised that the streets weren't closed, and that the Ridgecrest PD didn't have a sobriety check point close by!! :o Every participating store tried to fill us up often! I guess drunk people buy stuff!

I found some awesome books I loved, they're called "The Bitch Series". I saw: Any Bitch Can Fake It: Recipes easy enough to lie about, Any Bitch Can Cook, Sugar Bitches (sweet dessert recipes), and Bitchen' and Grillin'. I fell in love!!! =)

I know some will think that's horrible, but just be thankful I decided not to post the pic of what the fairy said to little bunny foo foo one day. :) I laughed, but I figured my parents wouldn't approve. And while I hardly care what approval I get now a days, I figured it was still mildly inappropriate (and by mildly, I mean WOW was it bad!! ROFL!).

ANYWAY!!!! The wine walk was fun, it was hot!! Even at 6:30pm, when we started. It runs from 6-9pm once a month during the summer, and we definitely plan on taking part again, and next time we'll bring friends.

On another subject though, this weekend was very hard on me. Emotionally, I'm drained. Work has been hard to complete and focus on what with the dog, and my having to be at the house at least 4 hours out of a day for the dog. That leaves me with lunch with Pat, and then the rest of the day is fragmented and nothing seems to get done.

I brought some rum to the apartment. I'm thinking it might be my new hobby for the next month or so. =)

Everyone have a great week!


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