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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I feel like life is so close to settling down that I can taste it. But it's not there yet, and with every passing second my soul is more and more rumpled, without a true chance at solace.

Pat and I are trying to keep busy, I spend much of my day at the house with the dog. We plan on going bowling and seeing the Narnia movie this week. But work is really hard to accomplish since I don't ever have 4 hours I can sit down and do something with. It's incredibly frustrating.

Even more frustrating is the tear between doing news which isn't getting done to my satisfaction (I've been doing it for so many years now it's just habit), and getting exclusives done without stepping on Mags and her stuff.

My birthday is 30 days from today. I doubt we'll be back in the house by then. We still haven't heard from our insurance, and neither has our temporary housing company, or our contractor. The tile will take about 2 weeks to get in, and the carpet (which will be last to install) will take 3 weeks. The stove is already in, but we don't have anywhere to keep it.

So, I'm going crazy. Seriously.

Puppy is doing well though. Was going to take him up to the college and run him around but it was so windy sand was going everywhere!!!!

EVE is going okay, not much time to play. Mario Kart is fun to play, but after two or three races I get bored. I have some new Star Trek books I plan on reading, and I've got about $50 of Amazon I want to order!!

Anyway - I've ALMOST got done going through email from while I was gone. Only 1251 unread emails, only 200 of which actually need some sort of response! YAY!

Everybody have a great week, and remember: Rum is good.


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