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Friday, October 24, 2008

To My Next Door Neighbors

Hatred or hate is a word that describes intense feelings of dislike. It can be used in a wide variety of contexts, from hatred of inanimate objects to hatred of other people.

Philosophers have offered many influential definitions of hatred. Rene Descartes viewed hate as an awareness that something is bad, combined with an urge to withdraw from it. Baruch Spinoza defined hate as a type of pain that is due to an external cause. Aristotle viewed hate as a desire for the annihilation of an object that is incurable by time. Finally, David Hume believed that hate is an irreducible feeling that is not definable at all.[1]

In psychology, Sigmund Freud defined hate as an ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness[2]. In a more contemporary definition, the Penguin Dictionary of Psychology defines hate as a "deep, enduring, intense emotion expressing animosity, anger, and hostility towards a person, group, or object."[3] Because hatred is believed to be long-lasting, many psychologists consider it to be more of an attitude or disposition than a (temporary) emotional state (see rage).

To the people at 312 E Wilson in Ridgecrest California: I hate you. I hate your dogs. I hate that your dogs bark for a minimum of 3 hours while the morning sky is still dark.

I hate that they wake both Pat and I up daily. That our fan isn't enough to cover the sound. That calling the police does nothing, that calling you does nothing.

I hate that feeding your dogs antifreeze is against my moral code as well as the law. Let's face it, at this point my moral code JUST WANTS SOME FRICKIN SLEEP!

I hate that you people are so incredibly smug in your derision of everyone else around you that you can't see that your selfish behavior is slowly (it's been *2* years people) killing me.

I hate that you won't let me exercise and socialize your dog for you. That you won't let our dogs play together to help release their boredom and give them some time to play.

I hate that your old dog died. Even more, I hate that you went out and got a more annoying one.

In closing. I hate you. I wish your dog would die. I would help him to do it if I thought you wouldn't go out and get a rooster just to rub it in.


That is all.


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