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Sunday, October 26, 2008


The horrible thing about voting by mail is that I really love those "I Voted" stickers, so here ya go!

President: I voted for McCain. Actually I voted against socialism, but who's counting?
SSUSD School Board: I voted for Tom Johnson. Actually, more against Lochead and Martin, the incumbents.
Ridgecrest City Council: I voted for Walter Maurer. Down with Chip Holloway and his evil brigade! Vote out incumbents! NO NEW TAXES (since ya'll can't figure out what to do with the old ones)!
IWV Airport District Director: I voted against Charlon, cause they already have enough clout in this town.

IWV Water District: Incumbents FTW! No screwing up Kern here yet!

State Props:
1. No!
2. Yes!
3. No!
4. Yes!
5. No!
6. Yes!
7. No!
8. Yes!
9. Yes!
10. No!
11. No!
12. Yes!

City Prop N: HELLLLS NO!

Don't forget to vote everyone!


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