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Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Plans

Laughlin trip starts Wednesday. It's to signify the end of over 6 weeks of emotional pain, and horrible dental work (pain still isn't gone AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH). This kicks off the holiday season for me!

After the trip, Christmas decorations go up. We'll spend all weekend watching football, playing WAR and putting up lights, trees, decorations, and stuffs.

Next Monday (17th) we make pumpkin pie for my brothers birthday, and to start celebrating Thanksgiving.

My girl scout troop will bake cookies, do some fundraising for St. Vincents, and host a pre-thanksgiving meal for the homeless.Then we do a seniors drive!

Thanksgiving will be the usual classics included in a day full of football and Warhammer Online.

December 6th is craft day at my house for some friends! We bake cookies for us and neighbors (and my doc, dentist, and vet), and do some really basic stuff which usually ends in an evening of alcohol and poker or drunk wii games.

Christmas shopping is pretty painless this year. We spent a lot of our extra money on my dental stuff, the dog's surgery, and my brother and his wife (living with us until they can get on their feet).

So we're doing $50 a piece (no video games), and our Laughlin trip Wednesday, and then again in January to celebrate, instead of presents!

Hopefully everyone has a safe and happy season!

Merry Christmas! ºoº


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