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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Christmas Adam!

Okay, so I really thought Christmas Adam (day before Christmas Eve, since Adam came first....ha ha) was the lamest thing Pat had ever told me about, but now I can't help saying it to everyone!

Why not extend the Christmas day celebration by making just one more day special?

Today I'm making pinto beans in the slow cooker for a nacho dinner tonight!

The Pinto Beans:
2 lb's pintos washed and drained (NOT SOAKED!)
1 small sweet onion cut up any which way
garlic powder (I'm out of regular garlic...makes me a saaaaaaaaaad panda!)
2 smoked pork neck bones which were quickly blanched to get the really strong smoke taste off
4 slices of bacon cut into one inch strips

The plan:
Place everything in the slow cooker and fill with water up to about an inch or two from the top (it's really full lol).
Turn on low and leave until around 5:00 (7 and a half hours)
Mash some up for Pat
Make the other stuff for nachos!

The nacho ingredients:

Fresh pinto beans that will be re-fried for the more gringo in the house (Pat)
Cheddar Cheese (grated by Nathan....who doesn't know yet that he's been volunteered)
Jarred jalapenos (I'm not Martha Stewart here people)
Tortilla chips (mmm store brand chips!)
Ground beef
Low fat sour cream
Jarred salsa (see the Martha Stewart comment above)
diced olives

We'll probably head over to Red Box (Thanks to Adrian for introducing Pat to this) and spend the evening watching TV and playing games.

Merry Christmas everyone! Please stay safe! HAPPY CHRISTMAS ADAM!


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