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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Those who know us are familiar with our vacation patterns. We spend much effort, time, and money, in visiting gambling facilities in Nevada.

We started out in Primm, Nevada. A collection of three casinos which have been sold at least twice as a collective group over the last 5 years. We usually stayed at Whiskey Pete's and enjoyed the small time feel, great dealers and pit bosses, along with excellent staff interaction with the cocktail waitresses.

The food specials for the prime rib was excellent and though the food staff was horrendous there was something amazing about their breakfast buffet - where we were introduced to made to order omelet stations. It was awesome all around.

Slowly the perks lessened, the crowd became less tolerable, and though the table and pit staff remained excellent it just wasn't enough to keep us there.

On the advice of a co-workers of Pat's, and along with a free hotel stay from her casino host, we tried Laughlin and fell in love.

Great service, cheap tables, yummy food at excellent deals, and only a few extra minutes driving.

After this weekend though, we're re-thinking Laughlin as our gambling destination. We were horrified to find that all the tables at Colorado Belle where we usually stay, and its sister casino Edgewater, had gone up to $5 by 3pm.

Friday night we played (and lost) at one of the bars, sucking down drinks just to get the night rolling. Pat and I went to Pai Gow ($10) and Monique went to slots. I lost a ton of money, but had fun. Pat went to go play Poker, apparently he had a great time and I eventually found Monique at the Monopoly penny machines where she went through at least 50 bonus games and everyone around me won. It was depressing but fun.

Saturday we hit the town, and the nearby outlet mall and shopped and had some fun. Monique and I headed to our rooms and prepared for formal night. Here's where the horror started.

Pat and I started out at penny Monopoly, hoping for some of the luck the others had at the machines the previous night. No such luck. When Monique joined us we headed to the blackjack tables at $5 a pop, a little steep for us. While we all did fairly well, drink service was non-existent. We saw the cocktail waitress just moments after she RACED by our table and we were done. At $5 a pop, you had better believe I expect drink service. We were there more than 20 minutes without even seeing someone, and by the time we saw her she was off to help the other side. She finally comes to our side - 30 minutes in, and ignored us completely.

We were furious, to say the least. We were loud, (and polite) in letting the pit boss and the dealer know we wouldn't be back for service like that.

We headed back to the bar but with their drink specials going on it was tough to get the attention of the bartenders. I did okay, and was up 3 drinks and 3 dollars (after tips of course), but Pat ended up buying margaritas he didn't like.

We wandered around penny slots a bit but the casino was PACKED, service seemed understaffed, and we weren't having fun. So Pat headed off to poker and Monique and I headed off to Edgewater where we proceeded to have a blast.

In the end - I lost a LOT of money, but had fun. However, I know that we will not soon be back to Laughlin.

We will most likely retry Primm, then Reno, perhaps even El Cortez or downtown Vegas, before heading back.

It's 9pm now though - and time to sleep, and tomorrow begins the countdown to our next trip. At this point that particular trip is undecided, but I intend to make some headway on that this week.

Have a fantastic week folks!



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