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Monday, February 02, 2009

The New Job, and My Boring Life

I work for Jacobs Technology in their Naval Systems Group out of their local
office here in Ridgecrest, and am assigned to the Travel Accounting
office on the NAVAIR China Lake base, where Pat also works.

So far, the job is awesome! There's a lot of learning what to do, and
since no one has told me what I'm to be doing yet I spend a lot of time
becoming familiar with the entire process. That's a lot of training!

Last week I assisted our Defense Travel System trainer in a class for
new users of the web based travel system for four days and I spent my
extra time either preparing for the next class or writing out documents
I thought would be helpful for the next round of classes. Those classes
are taking place today in Point Mugu, the "sister base" to China Lake,
but I'm not attending as contractors can not board the transport shuttle
that flies between the two bases.

At home, Nath and Jenelle are good to have around. I hope they're both
able to find jobs soon that will bring them both what they want in life
that will be fulfilling and financially stable for them as well. I'm
really glad that Pat and I are able to be here to support them in this

Laughlin for Monique, Pat, and myself is coming up on February 20th.
We're not sure where we're eating in Barstow on the way down yet, but
that's always one of the biggest decisions regarding the trip!

I'm determined to win this trips 4 of a kind competition! You see, Pat
can never catch up to my number of Royal Flushes (2), and he ALWAYS
comes back with more money than I do (if you have money in your pocket
when you leave, urdoinitwrng!). So in a trip by trip competition we
compare number of four of a kinds with machines with higher payouts for
different 4 of a kinds giving bonuses. The last gazillion trips Pat has
won, but I still have ONE trip where it appeared that every hand I drew
on the video poker machine was a 4 of a kind!

We'll most likely spend most of our time at the Blackjack table with
bits of pai gow, and craps, (which are high in Laughlin) taking up teeny
bits of time, video poker is always a winner for us, and Monique prefers
the slots - but I always lose a LOT on slots, so you'd think I'd learn
not to even try!

Either way it'll be a blast and there will be lots of drunken fun and
gambling going on! Go Laughlin!

On January 24th Pat took me to Lancaster on a surprise and impetuous
trip where we went shopping, ate yummy foods (Wendy's and
Souplantation), and went mini-golfing! My butt was soundly kicked by
Mr. I-win-at-every-sport-and-event-no-matter-what but in a surprise last
hole victory - I scored my second hole in one!

Puppy needs to get out more. Since I've taken this job I've sort of
abandoned him and he needs some love and exercise!

Tawnia went to Lancaster this last Saturday, the 31st of January) and
Russell bought her the drum set for her Guitar Hero set for the PS2!
Band night is currently being planned!!! YAY! I volunteered for
singing. This is going to be hilarious!

This concludes this edition of "My boring but awesome cool life" by
yours truly!

We'll see you sometime later this week!



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