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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy Weekend!

First off, GO AZTECS! When they got beat by Utah at the Mountain West Conference championship, it was sad. But it was also on TV, so I got to watch my Red and Black play for only the second time this year!

But then....Arizona beat them into the NCAA Tourney, and I cried and threw stuff at Pat. Being a Tucson boy, and a true desert rat at heart, he loves his Wildcats. Personally, I'm glad they lost. Stupid Pac-10! Of course, I say that being 99% sure Pat won't read this. =) I do root for Arizona when I have to!

SO! SDSU gets picked as a first round NIT team!

They beat Weber State. They beat Kansas State. They beat St. Mary's!!!! Now they're off to Madison Square Garden to play Baylor in the final four of the NIT. The game is Tuesday night at 4pm Pacific, on ESPN2!

Now! Onto the rest of this weekend! :)

The Ridgecrest Home Show is this weekend and Pat and I will be attending! WOO!

I need to get my nails done today, cause they look awful. Right now I have acrylic tips with red. I'm thinking of going blue next. Or maybe black....mmmmm black. Yeah, I'll do that!! Oh, and a pedicure cause it's getting warm and I really can't wear sandals with toes that appear to belong to a zombie.

Tomorrow some of "the crew" is heading to see Coraline, which finally made it to theaters here!

Jenelle did my weekend housework, so otherwise will try to get to level 52 with my priest Tinaryn on the Velen shard in WoW and will watch the NCAA tourney - though Pat and I have no teams left.

I really want to get a good blog post I've been working on in my head all week done. Hopefully I'll also get a chance to do some laundry in between all the playing.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!!!



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