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Monday, June 15, 2009


So, my sis came down (up?) from San Diego on Friday to hang out and spend the weekend and help throw a birthday party! It was the first time in pretty much my adult life that all 3 of the kids were together for any length of time. It was.....weird. But awesome at the same time.

Friday night we went bowling and had mmmmmm yummy nachos! Then we hung out on the back porch and ate pizza and talked until it was bed time.

Saturday we spent the morning getting ready for the party, the afternoon finishing getting ready for the party and the night at the party. It was fun. Lots of new people which is both good and bad. Nice to meet new people and hang out with friends we don't normally. But I'd also like to just get a little crazy with the people I know.

Sunday we went to Lancaster and had a blast! We got to eat at Chili's (with a really bad waitress), play mini-golf at Mulligan's, and shop at the mall.

Now first off, let's all remember I'm a bad sport about shopping. But even I had a blast! It was good to be with Beth and Nath and J, and Pat. It was awesome having everyone together. It felt....weird. But right!

My family rarely gets all together. Mostly, I believe, in an attempt not to cause a huge family rift that will cause all of us to stop talking to one another for a few years. The last time the kids were all together was at IHOP almost 6 years ago (WOW!! Almost 6 years to the month really!!). That lasted all of 2 hours.

So it was really fantastic!!!!!!!!

Beth got to see the house. We had a chance to talk about what was going on in our lives, and we got to act like 12 year olds again.

I will always remember Beth as the one person in my family who really made an effort when I most needed it. Her visit to Salt Lake really helped snap me out of what is easily the worst period of my life, and the most challenging I'm likely to ever face.

Her calm attitude and approach towards life always makes me both admire and want to hit her. (HEY! She's my sis!! I can say that! :p)

Her kind heart and easy sense of crazy humor are always fun, and she's always looking to better herself and help those around her.

To my sis! Thank you so very much for this weekend. I had a blast and am so glad we could hang out and see each other once again!!

*hugs and hits*



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