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Sunday, June 21, 2009


SPOILER ALERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't want to know the premise or info on the movie, stop reading. Thanx u, drive thru!

Pat took me to go see the newest Pixar/Disney film, Up, yesterday for my birthday. The short before the movie, a Pixar tradition, Partly Cloudy was adorable. Definitely the most "sound effects" I remember in a Pixar short film, but cute and heartwarming as they all are.

Honestly, after seeing the Kiwi short film that depressed the hell out of me, I've been a little traumatized by short films. But of course, Pixar's quality and passion comes through! YAY PIXAR! Yes, I'm a fan boi, deal with it.

As far as the actual main entertainment?

In the first few seconds of the movie I had figured out the start....and spent the first 20ish minutes of the movie between smiling and crying whispering fiercely at Pat that he had made me watch the most depressing movie in my entire life - knowing full well I had wanted to see it as much as he.

The movie was full of heartwarming moments, and cute little laugh spots (point!), but for the most part it was either heartbreaking or vindicating, or emotionally torturous.

I have never, ever, cried so much at a DISNEY movie. I have never, ever, cried so much at a PIXAR movie. Okay, to be honest I've never, EVER, cried so much at any movie in my lifetime. I was sad. It was a great, awesome, perfectly ended, movie. But the premise is simply heartbreaking, and I believe that's because the idea of losing our husband/wife and being alone is simply to much to think about.

It is for me anyway.

Who am I without Pat? Even thinking it, I start to cry and get upset.

I can only hope that Pat and I have the kind of life together and the types of happy, sweet moments together that the Protagonist had with his Ellie that will make my time without Pat all the harder to deal with. Weird wish huh?

I want to cherish each moment with him, enjoy our days together, and simply be happy without the worry for what may be tomorrow. I love you honey!

Oh, and GO SEE THIS MOVIE...and bring tissue. If you don't cry, you're a heartless savage.

As an aside, animation rocked, story was well thought out, perfectly executed, animals were well drawn and acted as one would expect them too. Skies and lighting were truly inspiring. Music! Just wow. Pixar knows their stuff people. I'm constantly impressed that Pixar is the new Disney.

Walt would have been pleased!!!! This is a Disney movie to rival the very best of them. A true classic, to me. This is the ONE must own movie I've ever seen.

But I'm keeping a box of tissues near the box. And when I need a good lesson in loving Pat regardless of what we're going through - I'll bring it out and sob through it and will realize what's important.

Up is both inspiring and beautifully executed. Truly, a masterpiece!


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