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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday's Bee Update

My knee hurts. Actually, most of my whole left leg hurts. I ran like hell yesterday until at 36 minutes 14 seconds my left foot decided it wasn't going to go anymore. So I stopped. But now my knee is killing me. Chiropractor trip is now necessary - since I'm fairly certain it could be an alignment issue. A Dr. Scholls insert helps 100% but other inserts don' weird!

Tawnia found a place close to us (yay for drunk walking home!). She's submitting her application today (I hope). It'll be a struggle to be on her own, and to give up all the nice things she's become used to - but she's excited to have a place of her own. So this weekend I will most likely spend cleaning her new place ;o I hope!

I dread heat. I hate it. I want to go back to San Diego, or Salt Lake, or Denver...anywhere that isn't hell. This place sucks. Bad. I want snow. I want someplace that isn't 85º at 7:30 in the morning and 112º by 11! I want a pool! And to win the lottery! And...a llama!!!! Stupid Ridgecrest. I hate it.

Puppy is crazy as usual. Dogs next door spent all last night barking. And I mean from like 7pm to 11pm....I hate those dogs more then I hate Ridgecrest. I really hate my next door neighbors. I would be hard pressed not to rejoice in something happening that made them get rid of those dogs. They're not being taken care of properly and it breaks my heart. Animal control does not seem to care (shocking). I hate them too.

We're thinking of getting another dog, once it cools off. Hope Puppy doesn't run the new little one to death!

I've been meaning to call Beth and find out how her financial aid appeal is going. I've also been meaning to call mom and find out how she's doing since her surgery, and invite her and dad out once it cools down. Of course for that matter, I've been meaning to clean my entire house and win the lottery! :)

EQ2 is going well, I'm having a blast. Only have time to play on weekends which kinda bites. It's nice not to be on the computer as much as I used to though! Dr. Mario is my new way of unwinding before bed. Once I get into bed (9:30pm) I pretty much zonk out, so reading in bed doesn't appeal as much as it used to.

Work is going well, though crazy. Lots to do!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week and stays safe and cool, everyone knows I won't.



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