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Monday, September 21, 2009

No Kindle for Me!

Every now and then I go into this "OMG I WANT A KINDLE" kind of freak out.

But then I actually look at the price ($300), look at the books they offer (I couldn't re-create half my current library because the books simply aren't available as a kindle download), and decide against it.

I guess if I read magazines or newspapers, or best sellers regularly, it would be worth it.

Not having an SD slot is not as big of a deal really - there's no reason to keep a book around when you can re-download it (granted you lose your bookmarks and notes) any time you want.

Being able to email myself notes seems pointless (and expensive at 10 cents a pop), seeing as I have a cell phone with SMS texting. That's what Twitter is for!

The fact that I don't own my books is a huge issue for me. The recent 1984 disaster worries me. But I don't think it'd be a deal breaker if there wasn't such huge other issues.

The fact that I want a dead tree book and that my eventual goal is to fill my entire house with bookcases EVERYWHERE and books just falling off of them, arranged by genre, author, and series just makes me tingle inside. And it pretty much kills my desire for a kindle.

Yes, it's the future. But it's not in my immediate future, and I'm fine with that. For now.

So if you're thinking about Christmas presents for me (and let's face it, you all should be), how about a nice Disney classic movie on DVD (buy it on blue-ray and die!) or a


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