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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


One of these days I'm going to kill my husband. I got called a Princess yesterday, because I won't use generic q-tips. I might have slightly gone unhinged ;p

But I'm going totally unprincess-like camping this weekend! We're blowing up our air mattress with a foot pedal (no generator for an electric air pump) and taking those carbon warmy thingies from Wal-mart! Roughing it all the way baby!

We're not doing s'mores, but we are taking marshmallows to roast, and beer to drink (uuuuuuuuuugh beer!!). Hopefully the hike up to the lake goes better this trip than last, and hopefully it isn't 32º at night. Because I will become a princess - ensconced in a hotel in nearby Independence, California!




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