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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Blogs I've Been Reading

AAAAAA! I blogged about cooking without sharing the AWESOME blogs I've found along the way.

For great entertainment of women with lives outside the home who have struggled to learn to cook while mastering social networks, video games, and technology beyond the average woman, check out these blogs:

Friday Playdate: I especially found her posts from her time as a Butterball Turkey blogger incredibly eye opening!

Since I'm up at 5:30 am and home after 6:15 most days, I tried to look for some slow cooker/crock pot recipes that could help make dinner better, and I found A Year of Slow Cooking. Especially liking her recipe for turkey in a crock pot. Since Pat and I are doing Thanksgiving with his family, I won't be cooking a Thanksgiving meal - which I hate, since Thanksgiving meal is more important to me than Christmas, and I feel lost when I'm not doing something fun and special.

So I'll probably end up doing something like this either next weekend or after we come back, just to celebrate my own little meal! YAY!

I've also been enjoying Notes from the Trenches. She also did the Butterball turkey blogger thingie, and I found her entries hilarious!

Check them out if you have time!


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