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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Congrats to Me!

Today I received my final offer letter from the Department of the Navy, and accepted with excitement!

To celebrate, Pat took me to Miso's a sushi place here in town.

Now, keep in mind, I don't eat seafood, and have tried both sushi and sashimi and not enjoyed either - and gotten sick a few times in the process. Pat isn't that big of a fan of sushi, but we were excited to try something new and embrace a new experience.

So we decided to try a chicken bento lunchbox which came with a California roll and we ordered a spicy scallop roll to share.

The atmosphere was not what we expected, with Lady Gaga a little to loud on the speakers and a lot less restaurant space but a lot more sushi bar real estate than we expected. Now, other than the music it wasn't disappointing, simply not what we expected having heard so many people in town rave about the place who said they really enjoyed the atmosphere.

We sat at a table and got drinks (diet coke and a water...shocking). We ordered our food after pouring over the menu. The food came quickly and the lunchbox had way more food than I was expecting - and came with 4 sashimi pieces. One was a shrimp, one was tuna, another was salmon and there was something else we didn't know what it was and we didn't ask.

I started out a mouthful of wasabi! mmmmmmmmm Wasabi!!

The chicken was yummy! The sushi was very fishy. I ate 2 pieces of California roll and 2 of the spicy scallop, but it wasn't really yummy. The chicken was though!

Pat also thought the sushi was too fishy, but he tried some of the sashimi and I appreciated his adventurous spirit!

It was really great to get out and do something spontaneous and exciting and new!! It was a shame that the food wasn't something we enjoyed, but we'll certainly be back to try the vegetarian rolls and the bento boxes (beef short ribs!! mmmmmmmm) that come with a side of rice and some tempura.

The only real disappointment was the service once we got our food. Two lovely ladies were working very hard, but with a restaurant that seemed less than full they took 5 minutes for a drink re-fill - after we requested it. And between asking for the check, asking if we take it up to the register or if they check us out, them taking the check, and us walking up to the register to show we were really leaving - was a good 20 minutes.

I appreciate a busy server, or a newly training staff. We've all been there, right? But it seemed a little ridiculous. Not enough to ruin the evening (nothing could be that bad!), but enough to make us pretty much consider a return visit not in the foreseeable future.

Of course, to make up for not eating our food and celebrating, we stopped off at the doughnut store for a buttermilk each, and watched last night's Big Bank Theory!

Now, we're just wrapping up the evening before I head to bed and Pat heads off to work out while watching Biggest Loser.

It was a great celebration, and really fun to do something here in Ridgecrest both exciting and new!

Much thanks to my honey for being impetuous and exciting in his celebration planning!! I love you Pat!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


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