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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Today is Día de los Muertos and traditionally today is for infants to be remembered. I couldn't bring myself to make an alter or do anything like that. I'll just remember in my heart, quietly.

I am looking for a recipe for Albondigas similar to what Aunt Becky used to make, so if anyone has her recipe or one close, I'd be eternally grateful. I wanted to make it for tomorrow in memory of Aunt Becky - but planning other parties kinda bogged me down.

It's still very hard for me to really think about Aunt Becky. Mostly because my stupid cousins who truly make me cringe to think of their selfishness. I have no pictures of her. Nothing that she promised me when she knew she was passing. I think of her often though. It's good to remember the good things about those you loved, even when it's hard.

Shelly came over last night to watch Twilight, which she lost before she got here so we ended up watching Batman Begins. We talked through most of it! LOL

I made pinwheel wraps, apple dip, and had munchy mix just in case others showed up. Plus I like playing hostess, even though everyone seems to think I suck at it. I try really hard!!!

I'm taking down the Halloween decorations today (didn't do much, it shouldn't take more than a few seconds). Next weekend I'll start putting up Christmas decorations!! WOO HOO

John and Lisa and Pat and I changed our cruise from January on the Spirit to April on the Splendor. We'll be doing the same itinerary we did in 2008, but on a different cruise line and a great ship. Really looking forward to it!

No official word yet on the job front. If it does come to pass, going to be hard to say goodbye to Jacobs. Lots of good people there, and a great community of folks focused on our customers!

The next few months will be VERY busy for Pat and I with lots of celebrations of the season, birthdays, and just being together during an awesome time in our lives where we're very blessed to have each other.

Next year is going to be a lot of fun. Of course, if I do get the job I'm not going to have any time off to take (again) for almost an entire year as it is.

We leave for Tennessee on November 20th. I'm very excited, and as always, a bit nervous. Pat's family is great, but it's just so very different than what holidays have been like for me. Plus, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a big deal to me, and I'm not sure how that will work out.

Anyway - crazy update with very little cohesion equals yay for blogging!

Happy Holidays everyone!



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