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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here's what happened!

I was not aware of Monk when it first started running. I knew Tony Shalhoub only vaguely, from his work on Wings.

I mildly despised his character, changed the channel whenever he was on and in general avoided watching him when I could.

So it somewhat surprised me when Pat made me watch Monk one day, and I really enjoyed it. Even more surprised me when I became hooked. Granted, I don't sit at home on Friday night waiting for the newest episodes to come on. They are, first of all, Tivo'd. Well, they'd be Tivo'd if Tivo would come out with their stupid new HD receiver already. So, it's just DVR'd. Which sounds less snappy, don't you think?

Anyway! I began watching Monk more often, and truly being enthralled with the story. I know Pat doesn't want me to admit my weirdness, but deep down inside, I fight OCD tendencies every day! You may laugh...but it can be a bit overwhelming at time.

I am always surprised that they made such a completely dysfunctional character completely. I am always shocked that Traylor Howard was able to enter the show as she did and make the show not only work, but work better and to a much more enjoyable cadence than "Sharona".

Sharona was THE most annoying character (but played well, IMO, by Bitty Schram. I have not yet watched her more recent return to the show, but since I've got a lot of time off coming up (Wednesday off, work Thursday, then 3 day weekend!), I'll be sure to catch it.

I'm excited about this, the last season of the show. I am, of course, nervous about how they'll end the storyline, but I have faith it will end well. It had better end well. That is all!


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