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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Stupid Commercials,

I realize that I am unlike 99% of women. I realize that most women must want the things you are trying so VERY hard to sell, otherwise, you're wasting a LOT of money convincing people otherwise.

But I'd appreciate it if you'd stop telling my husband I want him to buy me jewelery, a car (specifically a BMW), flowers, a new house, or a watch, for Christmas.

I want my husband to walk in the door from work, hug me, and tell me how proud he is of me that I work full time (more hours than he does), and still manage to get more done in the house than he does and how much he appreciates it. Regardless of the fact he makes more than double what I do.

I want him to not act like it's a miracle he took out the trash when I've already swept, mopped, done 4 loads of laundry, and swept the front and back porch.

I want him to realize that wanting a house wife and a woman that brings home 30K a year is NOT a right, it's a bleeping miracle. And! That when the house wife stuff sometimes falters (because I am NOT super woman), a simple - "Honey, thank you for all that you do, I love you", is a band aid better than any gift he can buy (except a surprise trip to Disneyworld - that he lets me plan in full, and let's face it, Pat would never even think of that! :p).

Now, Pat is pretty good about all of this stuff - but having conversations at work, I realize I am a very lucky woman. My husband loves me, appreciates what I do most of the time, works hard and gets awesome reviews at work (I am SO proud of you Pat!!), and usually cooks dinner and does dishes! (Mostly because I'd rather eat off paper plates and drink out of plastic cups than EVER touch a dirty dish, but that's another story.)

Pat is the biggest blessing I've ever had bestowed upon me, and I am blessed with him every day. I lose jewelery like it's no big deal, and hardly wear it anyway! I hate cleaning up dead flowers, it makes me sad. Plus where the hell am I going to put it!

I love my Honda Pat got me a few years ago, and in June it will be paid off completely (YAY 3 year financing with only $600 in interest over 3 years!). Now, I doubt Pat is going to let me put even a fraction of that car payment into our trip fund - but let's be honest, that's what I really want.

No rings I won't wear, earrings I can't wear, necklaces I will lose, flowers that die, cars that only pretentious bastards drive (think one of his cousins drives one....sorry!), or crap that will sit there and collect dust I now have to clean!

MORE TRIPS! And Pat being HAPPY about trips! I.E., I want the impossible for Christmas ;p But Pat always makes it work, and makes me happy - so I guess I just want to wake up next to him, and laugh at stupid commercials while assuring him wildly not to buy me anything stupid. Unless it's a Disneyland premium annual pass, cause let's face it - that's just HOT!

Merry Christmas people! AND GO BRONCOS!


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