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Friday, December 25, 2009

My Six Year Old Husband

I got Pat some seriously fat lewtz today. He got a Dremel, and we had to postpone opening other presents while he geeked out, opened the box, and checked it out. He immediately started charging it and we went out so he could show me how it worked.

I was surprised by the level of sparks and noise that came from the small machine while he cut the ends of the nails that were sticking out of our fence. I became immediately concerned that he could do some serious damage, and I talked to him about being a responsible adult with his new toy. He agreed that he'd be good about it.

Not five minutes after we came back inside, he asked me if I thought opening thick plastic packaging with the Dremel would be inappropriate. I am going to come home one day to a disaster caused by my well meaning, but sometimes crazy, husband.

Pat also put together his 18 volt cordless blower (more like a broom), and since it's a Black and Decker the battery is interchangeable with some of the other power tools we have, so Pat will be able to use it whenever he wants.

With this item, we also immediately went outside and cleaned off the back porch. I got bored (and cold) after about 5 minutes, so I left Pat to finish cleaning by himself.

Right now, he's checking out Scribblenauts, one of the games I got him for the DS. The other game is the newest release in the Link saga, Spirit Tracks. I really hope he enjoys them, as the research in finding a game for him is exhausting!

Jojo got us See's chocolates, which are almost all gone! WOO HOO!

Our dinner of rib eye steak, corn on the cob, crescent rolls, and scalloped potatoes is settling nicely in between my $4 bottle of Pinot, and chocolate covered cherries that were in Pat's stocking stuffer.

Of course, Pat got a Manning jersey (Peyton, duh), and I was worried about grease stains while he was grilling but I think he was excited about having such great grilling gear!!

We got GREAT presents from all our friends and family, and are very blessed to know people who appreciate us so much! I can only hope we showed our friends and loved ones that we also appreciate them!!

Either way - between the Dremel, the blower, and Pat's instinctive ability to do scary things with hand tools, I am a little scared of coming home from work one day and not having a house!!

Next week Pat will be home from work, and he's got a lot of little projects to do! We're also getting quotes from people for de-popcorning and re-texturing the ceiling, so hopefully they'll be able to start soon and get it done before Pat's birthday.

It's going to be a busy rest of this month, and January doesn't look like it's going to slow down, so if I don't keep up with you, just give me a yell, and I'll be sure to at the very least, drop you an email! :)

Love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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