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Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I would like to point out for one moment, that there are idiots like this in the world, and thanks to blogs, I get sent her idiot link at least 12 times by friends.

Her Video games were invented by the devil posting just makes me angry. Really, really, frustrated with people who don't understand, and who don't care and just want to be, well, idiots.

It is, of course, her right. As it's mine to pretty much despise her small minded and ill informed opinion. But, opinions are for all. I guess.

Her retraction? My bad: Video games are not from Satan. Grand.

I don't really care honestly, simply because I'm a gamer, was a gamer from very young, and I'm a functioning adult with a great job that I'm good at, friends, a loving husband, and a great life that I love - that includes playing games, both video and non.

Others opinion's of me is pointless. If video games don't work for her or her kids, that's fine. She is the mom. But my parents raised me just fine and gave me a huge advantage in technology, logical thinking, and prioritizing life. And they did it with video games. Just fine. :)

Enough with ranting and being upset! Off to mafia wars (a video game) before bed!



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