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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Social Networks

I admit it - I am both a beta whore, and a total slut about social networks. It's been years coming. My ICQ used to be on 24/7 (minus downtime) until my number was stolen. I had hundreds of friends (all from UO), and honestly, while I don't keep in touch with any of them (or almost any of them), I think about them often.

Bravie, Al, Susan, Stormwind, Revo, Tikka, Curtis, Anne (shockingly), Cody, Arwentia, Weasel (going on a cruise with Mr. and Mrs. Weasie in April! YAY CRUISE!).....There's simlply too many to list....I think about my Sonoma buddies often. I think about my Cats/Oceania buddies less often, but I keep in pretty good touch with Keh, and we never even counseled together! We have Stratics in common!

There is a point to this! I am tired of Facebook. I still love Twitter, but in order to take real advantage of it, I need to disconnect it from my Facebook.

The purpose here is that my Twitter will be my main point of access and communication to my friends and those I cyber stalk (I have stopped stalking Michael Zenke - I am very proud of myself!!).

I am not sure what role Facebook will play, as I am still figuring out the best way to share photo's and updates with friends, as no one really wants to read my blog (I hate you all). I am not happy with Picasa, or Flickr. Pat wants to get rid of, and I am not sure what direction my online persona is taking or how involved I want to be.

So a notice! I am not dead. I can be found in Stratics IRC on weekends as Tovin, a_sleeping_plant (Yes rath, I stole it!! MWA HA HA HA HA), or in #mortalonline (an MMO Pat tried for 20 seconds and went OMG I HATE THIS GAME IT IS THE WORST EVER, and made me cry), or hanging out in private rooms.

I am rarely on instant messenger programs. I get my personal emails only on flex Friday's and weekend's I'm at home. Otherwise, 7-5 Monday-every other Friday, I am reachable at my work email. I realize no one actually wants to talk to me - I'm just making you all aware:

I am not dead! I just stopped caring about updating online stuff that isn't incredibly egotistical. So if you don't care about what is going on in *my* life, don't read my Twitter - which is linked here on my blog ( for those reading on Facebook).

Have a good weekend all! And don't mind those "mmmmm lunch with Pat at Taco Bell" twitters. That really is as interesting as I get. Don't like it? Don't read it! You have been warned!


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