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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Far, Far, Away!

I'm trying to be productive today, but just is not working!

I figured I'd get up, shower, run to the store and buy everything we need as well as shop for some upcoming birthday presents. But my car is still at Casa Corona from Friday night, so that's a no go.

I can't drive Pat's car because it takes me 23 minutes to get it set up right (I timed it once) and he DESPISES having to change everything back since it took him weeks to get it just right from the last time I moved his seats, mirrors, radio station, radar detector, steering wheel column, and Slacker radio player.

So! All showered clean and dressed, I figured I'd just stick my headphones on, listen to the Disunplugged, and get some housework done!

My headphones are in my car for some weird reason, so I grab my keys, run outside (the sidewalk is FREEZING since I have no socks or shoes on), car isn't there!



I can't wake Pat up! It's not even 8, and he's not been feeling well the last few days. He needs his sleep. So here I am with no car OR headphones. The basic things in life have forsaken me!!!

Writing this blog post, and probably going to log into Lord of the Rings Online. A game I started playing a few weeks ago on the Landroval server. This is my guild).

Laundry started, front room and kitchen table picked up. Guess that's all that needed to be done anyway, right?! *logging in!*


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