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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going Through Pictures

I was going through pictures from a few different old computers of mine, and found some pics that really highlight the last few years of my life - and I want to share them, because they're awesome!

My sis and I, getting ready for my wedding!:

Pat and AJ a few days before the wedding - hanging out in Vegas!

Me, Pat, Marilu (his mom) holding Alayna (our niece), JoEllen (his sister), Mike (her husband). This was taken November of 2008 in Idaho. John (Pat's dad) had to work and couldn't make it.

From left to right, around the table: Aunt's Joyce, and Donna. Pat's mom Marilu. Pat's cousins Gloria and Joy (hope I didn't mix those two up!).

Pat and I, playing mini-golf in Lancaster the weekend of my birthday, 2009.

Jody's dog in Tennessee, Daisy. Hanging out wishing she was inside.

Pat and Daisy, hanging out on the golf cart.

Pat the pirate, grillin' up yummies for my birthday!

Woah! That's a lot of candles! Tawnia's birthday, 2009.

Me and Sylvene (Carolyn) at SOE Fan Faire, in Las Vegas. The first one? Or thereabouts!

Pat and I at the San Diego Zoo (duh) celebrating our 3rd anniversary, April 2009.

Cousin Jessica (getting married in April, YAY), and Jody and Mike at Epcot awaiting Illumunations. It was a LONNNNG day but was that trip the very bestest ever or what? Thanks Marilu and John! It was FANTASTIC! A true dream come true!

Siam in Germany on an off day of the Game Conference in Leipzig.

Me at Thomaskirche (St. Nicholas' Church) in Leipzig, Germany.

Lisa and I waiting for our table at Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney(land) after a long day at the parks. Can you tell I was yelling at Pat to stop taking pictures. Their salad was yummy though!

The creature that scared the hell out of me, camping in Onion Valley 2007 (or 08, I can't remember).


Blogger J M Mellin said...

Awww, I miss my doggies! Those are some great pics! Thanks for sharing them. :)

11:58 AM  

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