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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March's Links of Awesome

Mario and Luigi sell pizza : Link from ECA daily email.

WoW coming to console? Not likely.
: Link from ECA daily email.

What you pay for cable. Linkage from Misty on Google Buzz.

Monday of this week (March 8th 2010, in case you're not paying any attention....Nathan), Sanya Weathers (ex of Mythic *cries*) twittered this link and it led to very vibrant discussions between Pat and I.

Today, Pat found this, and while I haven't read it yet, I will either tonight or tomorrow while on hold for the 27th minute with freaking DFAS....and it will lead to some great follow up discussion.

Can I tell you, I love being married to the smartest person in the world? We have great discussions, debates, and arguments. While I spend most of the time a little confuze-led, Pat always explains it to me so I understand. Unless it has to do with his .DLL files. Then I give up and glaze over.

Blogs I'm reading:

Diary of a Pod Pilot, an EVE blog. No, I'm not going back to EVE. I did it, for several years, and I had a blast. That dynamic no longer exists and I don't have any interest in fitting myself into a new paradigm here. Yes, I've been reading Dilbert.

As always, Friday Playdate remains a fave! I've actually kept up with this blog, always fun!

After my last, "Why I love Disneyland" blog post, I got a note from this guy, an ex cast member with a link to his blog. To be honest, I only opened the email with the comment note a few seconds ago, so I haven't had time to actually check out the blog but since it's Disney you can be 100% sure that I will!

As far as books go, right now I'm reading The Dilbert Principle and have so many books to read when I'm done with it that I'm seriously going to close my eyes and point to one in order to pick.

Trips wise, we've got Disneyland in a few weeks, the cruise in 40 days, I'm going on travel for work next week, and we're heading to Lancaster on the 23rd of March for my ortho consultations.

Have a fantastic week everyone, and remember - Stay out of the damn lakes! (DIS Unplugged Podcast FTW!)


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