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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Why I Love Disneyland: The Cast Members!

While preparing dinner tonight (Mashed red potatoes, shake and bake chicken, and biscuits) Pat and I are listening to The DIS Unplugged.

Well, I started listening on my Sansa Clip Plus (best Christmas gift I got, after my computer), and after about 30 minutes of laughing almost non-stop Pat made me put it on so that he could listen too.

I started thinking sometime around shaking the chicken, about why I love Disneyland. Mostly, it's the details. And not the details like the queen and the apple over the Snow White ride. Not like the hieroglyphics on the Indiana Jones My details are much more awesome than that.

I love Disney theme parks for the cast members, pure and simple. The cast member outside the Haunted Mansion who welcomes you with a quick smile and then goes right into their grim but pleasant treaty to move forward and fill all the "dead" dead pan. So awesome!

The loaders on Big Thunder Mountain who wink at you and lift their hat right before giving the "Trains Away" sign and you go chugging off to the "Wildest Ride in the Wilderness". The guys at Indiana Jones who found my Tigger ears that fell off 30 feet into the ride....the gal at the popcorn stand who talked to me for 10 minutes (no one else was in line) about her experience in coming to Disneyland from Chicago in the college program.

I love the maintenance people. I can't imagine what they go through to have a smile and a helpful attitude in the So Cal sun after cleaning up puke and pee and dealing with the constant noise - but they do it. And I love each and every one of them!!!

To me, Disney is not about the characters, the rides, or even the entertainment (HELLLOOOO BILL HILL!). It's about the amazing people who work hard to make sure I have an amazing experience. Every. Single. Time. You are appreciated! And we could all learn a great lesson in doing our jobs - regardless of what it is, from you guys.

By the way - Dinner was good, and Millionare Matchmaker made me laugh hysterically. God I love trannies!


Blogger Mike said...

Well...if you like Disneyland cast members, you might want to check out and read it from stem to stern!

Loved your post, by the way! We cast member types like to be needed!

---Mike (and old cast member!)

3:52 PM  

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