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Friday, April 02, 2010

Work and Gaming?

I was reading a post and some discussion over at Massively today, regarding in game titles and the ridiculousness of the pure length of some the names, surnames, titles, etc., some players have in games.

To be honest, I rarely post, but today I did (not the point of this discussion).

After posting I checked my old comments to see what I've said in the past, as I don't often post on sites like that. Hell, I don't often post on any gaming site except guild forums!

One my of long ago posted comments made me laugh!

The question was: Would you hire a gamer?
Ya know, since we take time off work for games, slack off, and are all hopelessly addicted!

My response was:

In a recent interview they asked what previous experience had brought about the skills I would use in the job, and I very proudly proclaimed the years I've spent not only in online communities, but also in playing these wonderful games.

They may not have taught me to use leadership skills, but they've certainly taught me conflict resolution, recovering from a poorly worded discussion with a coworker/guildie (also known as mistells). But they've also taught me very much the value of doing the same stupid, boring thing over and over again.

If that's not work, I don't know what is!

Please note, I did not mention the last sentence in the interview. But damned if it's not absolutely true! Anyway, I thought it was funny and figured at least one of you guys would laugh!

Today Pat and I are off to Lancaster to pick up his newly taken in suit, hit Coscto and Target, and head home. The books I'll read on the cruise have arrived, and we are 17 days away people!!!! 17 DAYS! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Have a great weekend all!


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