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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My computer isn't working
My email isn't working
My internet isn't working
Slacker (see above) isn't working!!!!

I am stressed about getting braces (the entire ordeal, not tomorrow necessarily) and really stressed about giving up my tongue piercing.
I am STRESSED about losing weight and exercising because apparently it's not been working the last two weeks.

I am being nitpicky and bitchy towards my co-workers who do not deserve it! Well...some do, but that shouldn't matter!!

I am not able to complete my projects or really work on them effectively at all because NMCI's network and responses suck.

DFAS is claiming something I sent in 4 times (all with tracking numbers internal and external to prove it) was not received - and that's a bunch of really irritating and insulting ridiculousness!! OH! And I don't have access to a scanner to email this stuff to them because my boss is out of the office today and tomorrow so I have to find a replacement scanner - which doesn't go over well here.

Oh, and telling my traveler that I can't scan his stuff - that's real professional. Even though he offered to scan some of it, which was really nice of him.

The projects I'm working on are basically going to implemented in around 4 years, making the actual effort going in to them seem wasteful and frustrating.

I have no trips planned, and the trips I want to plan stress me out because the people involved make me crazy, or I have to work around their craziness.

I somehow have an older copy of a .pst file with stuff that isn't in my new version and I can't merge the two together and only keep original copies of things I need.

Facebook won't let me import more than one blog at a time without a massive work around, so my braces blog is concerning me.

I'm hyped up on a coffee drink and smarties (because I'm stressed I had to eat some) and I can't remember the last time I've wanted a cigarette SO DAMN BAD.

I can't change my time card to the right C/O for training because I still haven't figured out which trainings I've done that I need to do it for.

I want to go to Laughlin and have a fantastic time and not worry about spending money!

I want to sit at home and play Lord of the Rings Online. I plan on doing that almost exclusively Thursday night to Monday night. I plan on coming back to work with a level 38 hunter who owns a fully furnished home and a new horse (need a name for him though).

I plan on running at least one RP event this weekend where Amyra sits near the last bridge leading to the ford of bruinen - though I haven't decided what it will be about yet.

I am emotional and bitchy. I am 21 hours away from braces. 6 hours from getting off work.

And slacker has started working, so I'm going to put it on the Panjabi MC channel and keep turning it up until people realize talking to me is ill advised.

Not sure what will take this shaky feeling away from my very soul, but I'm hoping a quiet evening at home with Pat will do the trick. Otherwise an emotional outburst at work is going to have to do it - because I'm exactly 30 seconds away at any given time from having an all out mental yell and scream breakdown on a co-worker who does or says something annoying or stupid.

Ah - Laughlin. You are so far away, I can't even see you from here. Even thinking about Walt Disney World brings no soul soothing right now. Honestly, I think only a good cry, some rum, and at least 4 cigarettes will do the trick.

That is all.

For now.



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