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Monday, May 31, 2010

And There Was Much Rejoicing!

I couldn't do it! 5 days after getting braces and taking out my tongue piercing, I've put my tongue piercing BACK in! I've ordered a retainer which will, hopefully, get along nicely with the pendulum appliance that is shortly to be installed.

I know Pat won't be happy. But this is just something that we'll both need to learn to live with.

Me? I'm so excited that I could literally start crying. The second I put my piercing back in, I was complete again! How weird is that?!

I ordered from, and I'm not sure how reputable they are. I will be checking my credit card statement and my mailbox regularly over the next few days!

Hopefully I'll have good things to report! For now - I am back to my old self again!


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