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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Blogging Again After All These Months

So, haven't really been blogging. You can blame LotRO - but that comes into a later blog. One that I will post later this week. Really! Oh, and hopefully I'll finish my review of the cruise as well! I haven't started it (other than in my head), but we'll see how it goes!

But I have a lot of things to share now, that just piqued my interest and I wanted to make sure people saw!

First of all - TomTom has new voices that you can download for your GPS systems: STAR WARS!

Included on the promo site is a GREAT video of Darth Vader in the recording studios that is absolutely hilarious!!

A local radio station has returned to the airwaves a show that covers local political and community information. They do NOT have a podcast version of the show! Why, I'm not quite sure. I've emailed the contact on the website ( without the dots...except the .com lol) and asked for a podcast version this morning. We'll see what happens.

Finally, yesterday was the Ridgecrest Health Fair. I got my blood tested for a bunch of stuff (Thyroid, cholesterol, etc.,) and should be getting my results back this week. I also had the opportunity to donate blood to the Houcin Blood Bank. I'm looking forward to making it a regular donation!!

The health fair had a lot of info available regarding volunteer opportunities, community sponsored low cost health options, and some of the great things Ridgecrest has going for it.

As much as I may bitch constantly about how shitty Ridgecrest is (and don't get me wrong, it sucks) - there's a lot of great people here who are doing some great things in the community. Get involved. I am dedicating myself to being involved this year!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and a very wonderful Mother's Day! I LOVE YOU MOM!!


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