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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Days Like This Make Me Wish I Wasn't Here

It's days like this that make me miss Colorado. It's a gorgeous day, the sun is shining, it's not 110º, it's not windy (OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S NOT WINDY!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY).

It's a beautiful 79º day with full sun, no wind, and we're playing computer....but somehow, I remember these days as being full of fun and *doing*. The rodeo, the fireworks, the events of summer - they started this weekend.

Yes, this is a bitch post about how much Ridgecrest sucks. Especially since my morning perusal of the Daily Independent led to an hour long rant to Pat about how much I hate the local newspaper, people, town, attitude, etc.,

So it started me thinking! What did we do growing up that I miss so much?!

I remember the Greeley rodeo and tractor pull. I remember LOVING tractor pulls. Which seems odd to me, the scared of anything loud and obnoxious and insane. But I want to go to a rodeo and see a tractor pull SO BADLY!

I remember sitting out at a park in Greeley while they played John Phillips Sousa and did fireworks. Dad would tell me the history of the songs, and why they were played, and how awesome the music was and I was simply enchanted. I was scared of the loudness, of course, but it was something to work through because the magic of fireworks was just amazing.

It still is, of course. Fireworks still make me flinch, even the little ones. But the big ones, and especially the ones that look like willow trees, they make me want to cry with their beauty and majestic-ness. Yes, I'm making up words. Deal.

So I'm thinking Pat and I will visit the Lancaster Rodeo in July. I will brave the sun (which I don't handle well anymore). They don't have a tractor pull, but one can't have everything, I suppose!

Also, I'm thinking of hitting San Diego next summer for a Fireworks and beach day weekend extraordinaire! (That one I didn't make up!) How fun would that be? A BBQ and beach day followed by fireworks and lazing around with family?


Anyway - just having a weekend filled with "Ridgecrest sucks", so planning lots of ways and time to enjoy summer and get out of town. Seeing as my requests to get involved in goings on has been denied by most of the events and groups here in town. (Shocking really, how we stay so shitty, with our small town idiot mindedness.)



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