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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Disneyland Food

The thing I love about Disneyland? Whatever magic I happen to be speaking about at any given moment.

It's true! I think I told Monique - "This is my FAVORITE ride/park/land/cast member/food/place/store/character/smoking area/Fireworks display/you name it, I love it" a gazillion times as we walked through the park, and I meant it each and every time.

But food! Disneyland food, is to DIE for.

Corn Dogs,Dole Whips, Monte Cristo sandwiches, any food from The Golden Horseshoe before a Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show, popcorn, turkey legs, mmmmmmmmmmmm, makes me wish I was at Disneyland, and could eat! Also, makes me start singing "WISHES" at the top of my lungs!! A regular occurrence in my household. Thank GOD Pat loves me as much as he does!!!

I'm not so much in to the Mickey Bars, or Churro's. I used to extoll the awesome of the churro, until a few trips ago (April 2007 I think), when the churro was simply disgusting.

But there is still so much to try! I want to have a mint julep at New Orlean's Square, I want to eat to Blue Bayou and not worry about how much the check is! I want to eat at a character breakfast, and have a sunday from Br-r-r-Bank in DCA.

I want to eat at a few places in Downtown Disney too, but there's just SO much to do and each Disneyland trip is such a huge undertaking.

I'm trying to decide what trip to plan next, and I'm thinking I may drag Monique to New York for a long weekend and some grown up fun (plays, eating, etc.,) since Pat would have to be drug around and would complain constantly if I took him.

Either way - lots to eat at Disneyland and I want to go back!!!! RIGHT NOW!


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