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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

Note: There are no links in this post since I'm entering it from email. Use Google if you want to look anything up! ;p

Pat took me to The Grape Leaf here in Ridgecrest last night. It was the first time we've visited the restaurant since it opened.

I loved it! I had a gyro that was delicious! Don't know if I've had lamb before, but it was good! I am determined to be trying new and adventurous foods more and more! Even if it grosses me out - though I draw the line at turtles and bugs. Gross!

It came with fries, seasoned fries, or hummus and I got the hummus - cause who wants fries with Greek food?! Blech!

Pat then took me to go see How to Train Your Dragon! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!

After the movie we didn't turn on the tv or the computers, we just talked and cuddled, it was like we were dating again!

I can't tell you how truly awesome it is to be in love with Pat. He's simply the most amazing man I've ever met. I am so very proud to be his wife, and the responsibility of keeping him happy, and our home a wonderful haven for him is one I take very seriously. I truly hope that I don't fail him.

Everyone have a great day and never take the people you love for granted!!!


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