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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Allergic To Work!!

Since I've been back from the cruise I've had this very weird reaction to stress.

At first I thought it was normal sinus or allergy issues since Pat was also having some congestion problems. But as I sit here at work and am more and more frustrated, I find that I get weird congestion and pressure behind my eyes and on both sides of my upper nose.

Since being back from the cruise I've also had a migraine - which I haven't had in a VERY long time.

So I'm keeping Motrin and Tylenol close by. In the past Tylenol has done nothing for me, but recently I've been trying to alternate the medication used based on symptoms and need and have been getting a better response. Motrin tends to make me bruise really badly and of course, I worry about issues with my liver and kidney in taking too much medication.

I took Motrin on Friday after riding the Matterhorn, since that ride tends to give me a headache from the jarring. Today, it's a tylenol sitting on my desk waiting for the cheese stick and pepperoni I just ate to settle before I take it.

In the mean time I'm thinking of trying some acupuncture for my allergy to cold, and may ask about seasonal allergies as well. I've got a lot more research to do before I let people poke me though, since Braces will start on May 26th!

Lots of stuff to prepare for and honestly, simply not enough energy lately to do anything about it! :(

Oh well. I'll sleep on the weekends!


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