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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Night Without Braces

Went to Wal-Mart after work and grabbed some stuff I'll need in the care of my new horribleness/blessings. Got some dental wax (they only had mint flavored), some Glide Threader floss, and I said hi to Tawnia!

Then we went and picked up panang curry and had that for dinner with rice and naan, while watching Planet 51....which didn't really take my mind off of things, but it was nice to just relax with Pat!

Tomorrow I'll have a bagel for breakfast, floss and brush really well, then head in to the Ortho place at 8am! They sent me an email reminder with a link to confirm my appointment! I LOVE HIGH TECH PLACES! Or...ya know...places that have a website and can use email.

Going to go to bed early tonight and get in one good night of kissing with my honey - who knows how weird it will be after tomorrow!

Wish my luck guys!!


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