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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Article History

I know no one I know really read my articles when I was writing for Stratics or Allakahzam/Zam.

But for my own history, and sometimes to amuse myself I go back and re-read what I've written and see if my opinion has changed. To make this easier, I've created a document with as complete a list as I could get. Note these are only my mainstream articles and a ton of the stuff on Stratics I can't re-post as it's guides and such for DAoC which are so outdated that it's disgusting.

The thing that bothers me about this stuff is that I wasn't hired to be a writer, I was news - always. That changed drastically, and is, of course, the main reason why things kinda went down the hole for this stuff.

But I've been writing a ton lately, and I'm loving it. And no, no details can be forthcoming. :)

So! The list!

Work at Stratics:

Exclusive Interview with Nathan 'Hammerfel' Pearce and Greg 'Baelish' Short!

Interview with Ainslinge of AggroMe

Work at GamersInfo:

All blog entries written by me

Interview - Andy Cataldo, OCR: Asheron's Call

December 2007:

Live Interview With Jess Lebow on PotBS!

Ramayan 3329 - Interview with Sharad Devarajan

January 2008:

Your Allakhazam Team Does CES!

CES Day One With Tovin

Review of CES Tech Gadgets - A Quick Overview

Emmy's For MMO's!

February 2008:

I Hate Labels!

Worlds in Motion GDC Panel - Day One, Raph Koster

Worlds in Motion GDC Panel - Day 1, Reuben Steiger

LotRO GDC Meeting: Book 12 Lands!

Is My MMO Love Affair Over?!

March 2008:

GDC 2008: The Chronicles of Spellborn

GDC 2008: Outspark!

GDC 2008: Exanimus

Exclusive: Interview with Frag Doll Pyra!

Exclusive: Interview with Frag Doll Seppuku!

Exclusive: Interview with Frag Doll Valkyrie!>

Exclusive: Interview with Frag Doll Psyche!

April 2008:

Mark Jacobs/WAR/Mythic

Tovin's Topics

May 2008:

MMO Beta's

Add Ons In MMOs

June 2008:

Week Two of the EA-Land Contest Housing Parties!

Vendolyn - A Community Spotlight

Monday June 9th EA Land Event Coverage

Oathbreaker Exclusive: Wasp Soldier

July 2008:

DCUO From Comic-Con

Comic-Con Upper Deck WoW Mini's

Freaky Creatures at Comic-Con

A Comic-Con Look at DC Universe

Chaotic Online Trading Card Game from Comic-Con

August 2008:

A Look at Stargate Worlds from Comic-Con

Star Wars Galaxies OTCG: Champions of the Force

Exclusive Interview with Charles 'kieron' Dane

Gen Con Intro - Let the Games Begin!

WAR at Gen Con with Bob Mull

Pirates of the Burning Sea at Gen Con

Turbine's Asheron's Call at Gen Con

September 2008:

DDO at Gen Con

Preorder Promotions: Hurting or Helping?

October 2008:

Expansions, Content Updates, and Your $15!

Champions of the TCG

World of Warcraft Community Summit
The Grind

Let's Get Freaky!

The Evolution of Jumpgate

Tovin On Wakfu

Free Realms: Not Just for Kids

Allakhazam DNA Launches with Operation Immortality

Plague or Treat?

November 2008:

Achieving Greater Goals, Vertically & Horizontally

Why Do You Play MMORPGs?

Champions Online: A First Look


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