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Monday, May 24, 2010

New Blog

Those of you who follow me here on my blog or via Facebook will have to move to a new place if you want to follow my braces adventure.

I've started a new blog: Bee's Braces (at least I'm more original than Pat's MMO character names!). Note that as of Monday, May 24th no updates have been posted, but my Tink ticker is up, and I've got 4 posts ready to go over the next few days.

Wednesday at 8am, I'll have braces put on! OMG! IT'S SOOOOOOOOOOO SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Metal tops and bottoms, and at some point a pendulum appliance on my upper teeth *shudders*

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow - and will of course be chronicling the entire adventure! In addition to posting for you all, I'm also actively posting over at ArchWired, a community site for adults with braces.

So far, it's been GREAT support to see what these folks have and are going through, and knowing I can ask the most ridiculous questions there and get some answers and some gentle reassurance.

I'm nervous as hell and honestly have burst in to tears at least 4 times this evening thinking of giving up my tongue piercing......I may just cry again.....

But I am excited to start this journey. It's been a long time coming.

I want to invite you guys all over to the new blog - and to thank everyone for their support, and metal mouth jokes - AND to invite you to play LotRO with me this weekend (It's a Welcome Back Weekend!) on the Landroval server - though I will tell you right now, I WILL be cranky!

Tomorrow is my last day brace free for at LEAST two years, so I'll be stocking up on supplies (Orajel, Motrin, and maybe some alcohol) and eating a dinner of panang curry while watching Planet 51 with Pat.

I'll see most of you on the metal flip side!


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