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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The One Where I Kill Pat Because I Mis-Heard!

I was walking to the bed room to put clothes on and get ready for the day (11:15 seemed an appropriate time for this), and Pat said something that I heard as "No wax today honey!".

And I was instantly angry, because as we all know, I have become a fanatical fan of wax.

Turns out he actually said "No *ax* today", referring to the ax he's been running dungeons for *days* to get. It's dropped once, last night, and someone out-rolled him 67 to 64. You would have thought he was having a heart attack the way he was flailing around.

After I clarified what he said (before starting a fight I might add, you should be impressed!) we had a good laugh, which ended in me having a breakfast of diet coke - because I still can't bring myself to eat yet. But I am STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!


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