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Friday, May 28, 2010

To Many Podcasts, Not Enough Time! #1 The Disunplugged

What a crazy world we live in! There's so many interesting things to listen to, watch, do, play, and be a part of that there's simply not enough time to do them all! It's maddening! MADDENING I TELL YOU!

My choices clearly state where my priorities are, as does everyone's really. We put time and effort in to the things that are important to us and let the stuff we care less about fall by the wayside, or at least, don't pay as much attention.

But the main point here is podcasts!! There's SO many I want to listen to, and honestly, just not enough time!

Since February 2009 I've been listening to The Disunplugged, a podcast by the folks at, a Disney fan site that along the course of its life became attached to a travel agency - Dreams Unlimited Travel.

This podcast is awesome! They talk a lot about restaurants, experiences, planning, tickets, Disney's expansions and customer service, and the horribleness of Meg Crofton.

Right now, I'm up to their April 28th email show, so I'm almost current - but it's taken me over a year to get there! LOTS to listen to!!!!

Next time, I'll go over the podcasts on my list to be listened to, and discuss podcast tracking software - which I haven't figured out yet!


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