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Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Inevitability of MMOs

Pat's been running this one dungeon in WoW for a very long time, trying to get a Tyrannical Beheader.

It finally dropped! He was thrilled.

Except, the next day, a better sword dropped from an ICC run he was doing with his guild.

Isn't this always the way it goes?! Oh well.....I guess.

You spend weeks, or longer, trying to get a drop or raise a faction and the next thing you know a better drop comes along, or they reduce the requirements for the faction increases. What is one to do?! :(

On another MMO note - I re-installed X-Fire today, but am again, 100% unimpressed. They do not track Puzzle Pirates, or The Agency: Covert Ops on Facebook.

At the very least, the toolbar is being uninstalled, and the application will probably follow in the next few weeks. Does anyone have another suggestion that isn't Raptr, for MMO/Web game play tracking?

Pics of the garden coming soon! :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



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