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Monday, August 09, 2010

This Evening - Crazy Blog Attempt

Ran to Wal-Mart after work to pick up some much needed items. Stopped at Carls Jr for fried zucchini after.

Walked in the door, and Pat called. Talked for 10ish minutes and then I changed and got the stuff from Wal-Mart out of the car.

Started laundry. Will need to do two loads tonight.

Already feel like I've been way productive and there's still so much to do! :( Why does picking up dinner not count as like 12 items on the to-do list? Can't imagine being a working mom!!!!!!!!

6:07pm - Brought in the stuff from the car and threw on an episode of Friends.

6:12PM - A reminder to myself to make Pat's Icy something or other for his jewelcrafting sometime this evening. Also, need to do something about the hair on my toes. I'm apparently, secretly a hobbit.

6:15 - Me, my big cheeseburger, the fried zucchini, salt, pepper, rum and diet, napkins and remote have settled on the couch, only to have the washer finish. Gotta go change out clothes and start a new load before luscious caloric intake begins.

6:22 - Put away half the dishes in the dishwasher, most of the stuff from Wal-Mart, and got sheets going in the washer, and clothes in the dryer! Now....a bite of food, cause I am STARVING!

6:25 - Got distracted and finished putting away the Wal-Mart stuff. NOW! FOOD!

6:30 - Re-arranged the Dt. Coke pile, NOW! FOOD!

6:52 - mmmmmmmmmmm food was yummy! Time to check email and facebook before folding and putting away clothes in dryer and moving over sheets.

7:03 - Sat in the sun for a few minutes. Now, to brush my teeth! Clothes in the dryer aren't done yet. Should put away the rest of the dishwasher, but am now feeling lazy!

7:16 - Logging in Dimpa to check the cooldown on Pat's jewelcrafting thingie!

7:37 - Logged in to do Pat's jewelcraft thing and avoided taking off all his armor and sticking him in a dress. He's very lucky I'm in a good mood, cause I laughed myself silly just thinking about it! Also, clothes in the dryer aren't 100% dry yet. I think the dryer has broken an age old pact. When it dings, things are supposed to be done!

7:54 - Pat called in the middle of my dessert english muffin, some people have no sense of timing.

7:58 - Said good night and I LOVE YOU to Pat for the night, now to continue the english muffin.

8:09 - Dishwasher is done and most of the stuff from dinner (including plastic and VERY fancy dancy dessert english muffin wal-mart special plate) is loaded up.

8:11 - Dear dead bug in the corner! You thought you had defeated me! You thought I could not bring myself to prevail! YOU WERE WRONG! And there was a minimum of squeeling as I swept you in to the dustpan and threw you in the garage trash can! GO ME!

8:16 - Watching the food network. Dear Alton Brown, please marry me! Pat won't mind. I promise.

8:26 - Hobbit feet rectified! Very excited! Also, Tim Allen on Food Network! LOVE HIM! Think sheets are almost done, very excited about getting in to bed with clean sheets! Who doesn't love clean sheets!!!!!!!!!!?

8:39 - sheets on bed, and admiring non hairy feet! GO ME!

8:50 - Saw a commercial for mouse jello something or other. Might have to get that for Pat. He would love it.

8:58 - Started brushing teeth.

9:00 - flossing

9:05 - rinsing with phos-flur

9:07 - waxing up!

9:10 - orajelling!

9:13 - pillow cases weren't 100% dry, stuck them back in for a bit while I wander around admiring both my pretty clean house, and my mostly hairless feet.

9:20 - momentary heart pang as I realize I'm going to bed alone. No Pat, no Puppy. Very sad. Bed is made. doing last second house lock up and wandering as I prepare myself to pass out.

9:26 - ready for bed and completely exhausted! Gay cow (the stuffed one) has joined me in bed, because he's soft and fluffy (see the previous gay comment) and I love him. GOOD NIGHT MY LOVE ACROSS THE NATION FROM ME THIS VERY SECOND! SLEEP WELL!!!!

9:32 - Dear bug like creature on the wall. I've had enough of overcoming bugs for the day. My choice to let you live is 100% based on mercy, not horror of attempting to kill you while you jump on me and bite me to death. Not at all! The bedroom is on the second floor. No really, that's not an attic where you'll die a painful death, it's the bedroom! That's right....keep crawling up....

9:33 - Placed the Windex and the fan remote control on my night stand. Ya know, cause windex is the ultimate bug killing chemical. Every time Pat comes home from travel the house always smells like Windex. Pat thinks I do windows. It's cute.

9:34 - The bug has disappeared. I don't see it anywhere. I'd run into the room but it's probably already there waiting for me. You laugh, but I'm actually serious. Not going to bed until I see it and can clearly outrun it and close/lock the bedroom door while it's in a different room.

9:38 - Me and the laptop are now in the bedroom. I'm fairly certain the bug is in the living room. If I don't make it to work tomorrow, it's because the bug got me. Call terminex.



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