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Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Update: October 18th 2010

BUSY! For someone who does nothing, I sure am busy a lot! And lots of things have fallen behind, so I've *sings* got to get a move on! /sing =) Such a happy week this will be! I DEMAND IT! Of myself, and of those around me! I need the happy this week. The focus, the goal setting and making, and the moving forward!

This tends to be a hard time of year for me, but so far I've been able to keep moving and keep my thoughts where they need to be to be a productive and happy soul.

This weekend is the Desert Empire Fair in Ridgecrest. Can I tell you, their website used to be the most aweful thing in the world. But they changed it not to long ago, and I found the new site today to be a breath of fresh air!

For a city that is filled with computer scientists, engineers, techy people and college graduates - the companies and events here seem stuck in the dark ages of geocities (I give you CLOTA's website ) or downright non-existance (every spa/hair/nail place in town. Why would I want to call you to find out your prices?).

How does one survive in this day and age, in this high tech city, without a website?!? I don't get it. Hire a high schooler for $60 bucks to build you a website. Or go out of business! You deserve it for being small minded and stupid. :) Yes, I'm judgemental. I'm also a consumer that demands attention! GIVE IT TO ME or I'll take my money to someone who's listening!

Moving on....I really enjoy the animal portion of the fair. Watching the goats, pigs, sheep, and cows is really fun. Otherwise, the fair is pretty boring compared to the Del Mar Fair, but I guess one can't be picky here in Ridgecrest.

In addition to the fair, this weekend is Blizzcon, which I'm very excited about. Mostly because Blizzard is, no doubt, the worst MMO company ever in communicating with their community. They do it solely through their fan sites and affiliate program - but their information in game and on their own website is disasterous. So this is a great chance to see some good stuff come out.

We were going to buy the Blizzcon DirecTV package but decided not to, since no one wants to come over and watch it, and I'll be watching football while following the Twitter, video, and article updates from the event. I am a little bummed we'll be missing out on the closing ceremonies of Tenacious D (I was 9th in line to buy tickets and Pat decided he didn't want to go), but overall, lots of good info will come, and I'm excited about sifting through the non-hype version of it. I'm NOT a WoW fanboi, so I guess I expect more than just "this was cool", which is what everyone seemed to have posted last year. *cough*myoldemployer*cough* Really looking forward to WoWhead, WoW Insider, and any Escapsist coverage though!

Then there's Halloween, which we're not doing anything for. I am starting my Día de los Muertos stuff this week though. Getting ready to cook some amazing albondigas and some enchiladas as a rememberance of Aunt Becky. I miss her often, and this seems like a good way to remember her, though she's probably kill me for heathen ways if she knew I was doing it.

Finally, time for holidays! It's time to start the decorations, meal planning, and just in general enjoy the period! Ridgecrest is appropriately rainy/hazy this week, so I'm hoping it will stay cloudy/cooler without the wind and overwhelming humidity.

I'm thinking it will be Thanksgiving with just Pat and I. Early morning mimosas as I throw in the turkey and prep the food, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and then football, food, and video game playing with leftovers! mmmmmmmmmm But with just the two of us, it's always interesting trying to come up with enough food to feed us, with healthy leftovers, without going overboard.

Of course, Pat's birthday is in January, so a lot of planning for what we'll be doing (so far, nothing).

Add to that the backlog of sending presents, cards, cleaning, arranging closets, organizing, and preparing for life in general and one has a VERY busy Bee!

Happy Monday all, and to all an awesome week!



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