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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paid In Full!

I can't explain how truly proud I am of my husband. My soul mate! My wonderful Pat.

Earlier today, in fact moments ago, he wrote a check to purchase his first car up front, no financing. He owns the vehicle in our garage outright.

He has worked hard for it. He has put up with me trying to spend his money constantly on trips and things he cares nothing for. He has given money to those he doesn't know in situations he can't begin to fathom, simply because I asked him to.

He has, right in front of my eyes, gone from a college kid who I was not impressed with, to a man who thinks first of his family and what is best for us, and who holds my heart so tenderly and well that it makes me cry to think of the care and love he provides.

Honey, I love you, and I am so very proud! Let's go on a trip to celebrate!!! ;p
Enjoy every moment of your new car, and may it serve you well and for many years. CONGO RATS!!!!


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