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Saturday, November 06, 2010

College GameDay Picks!

Colorado vs Kansas = Colorado! LOVE YOU RALPHIE!!!!!

Baylor vs Oklahoma State = Baylor, Cause no one roots for Oklahoma unless you're from there.

Texas at Kansas State = Texas. Cause teams that beat USC in clutch wins should always be loved.

Illinois at Michigan = Michigan! Looking forward to seeing Robinson do some awesome stuff!! AND! Game just started - TOUCHDOWN MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!! This should be fun!!!

Northwestern at Penn State = I LOVE Paterno. What college fan doesn't. But in honor of Dr. Cres I'm picking Northwestern. I won't be unhappy either way.

NC State @ Clemson = Who cares? NOT ME!

Alabama at LSU = LSU! TIGER BAIT! TIGER BAIT! Saban has a lot of nerve going into LSU for the second year. Hope none of the Bama fans get hurt *smiles innocently*

Arkansas at South Carolina = Who cares who wins, this should be a good game!!

Arizona at Stanford = GO ARIZONA!!

TCU at Utah = GO UTES! GO MWC! GO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWN WITH THE BCS!!!!!!!!! Not sure which one I *should* be rooting for (probably TCU) to upset the BCS rankings the most. But I can't help but root for a team I'm most familiar with, and have known for YEARS due to their conference and familiarity with SDSU!!! GO AZTECS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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