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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Service Member Thanksgiving Thank You!

Nothing breaks my heart more than watching deployed service members saying Happy Thanksgiving to their families. I can't imagine the private discussions they have if the opportunity to call home arises!!

To all our service members deployed, away from family, home, friends, and loved ones, to those facing deployment - and for those missing their fallen, lost, or wounded - My sincerest thanks that I can sit at home today, watch the parade and sleep safe from what you protect us from, and that my sacrifices came home safe, if not completely sound.

To those eating a Thanksgiving meal aboard a ship with their loved ones who are on duty - how blessed you are! (And I hope you don't wreck the car on the way to the ship! But if you do, I want to hear about it!!!) :p

I am truly, deeply touched by your sacrifice and sense of duty. I am so proud that I can be part of what NAWCWD does to support our War Fighters.

Thank you all!!! For everything.


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