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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Gaming WOO HOO!

Would it surprise anyone to know I've downloaded Hello Kitty Online to try it out? I think not.

I've not had a chance to play it yet, what with Christmas, Pogo badges, keeping up with Gods and Heroes, and Pat's re-entry into the WoW world.

There are some news notes though in general, that some of you guys might care about!

What was WoWWiki (not linking to them anymore!) is not really the same thing. is now the site you're looking for! An awesome coup for both them and Wowhead is that their information is now being incorportated onto the official World of Warcraft site! WOO!

Most of you know I worked for Allakhazam, who also runs Wowhead, and I just want to give the Wowhead guys a major shout out! These guys have worked really hard to inject pure awesome into their community, maintain their own brand and feel, and have done a superb job of it. Most of us fell in love with Wowhead over others due to pure asthetics. We stayed because it's awesome! I hope they continue with record breaking success!!!!

Enstoleburr (LONG LIVE INFINITE VOID!) let me know not that long ago that Gods and Heroes had risen from the ashes and were giving out beta keys. So I put in for my own! The game is under NDA, but the community appears to be fantastic, so I'm hooked!! Hopefully Heatwave can do what Perpetual couldn't, and create a fantastic game with an amazing following. I'm looking forward to it! Pretty much anyone gets in that wants in, according to the last two developer chats so what are you waiting for?

IGN is reporting DC Universe Online will launch on January 11th in the US and on the 14th for UK. Have to admit, not quite as excited for this one (and can't find appropriate links, so hopefully doesn't sue me!). It's a comic book MMO....yay? Not into comics, and not really excited about the MMO stuff that's being "introduced" into this new entry into the genre. But we'll see. Not to mention a few people I used to cyberstalk like mad work on it - so best of luck to them! (Also, I no longer cyberstalk Zonk. Yay for him!)

Can you believe I've not tried Minecraft yet? I can! I've got too much going on, and not enough time! Hopefully Nathan will try it and tell me it's not my type of game so I can just let it go. Maybe I'll make Pat try it too! It seems like their type of game!

So - lots going on and lots to keep up with! Merry Christmas, and happy gaming, to all!


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