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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Song Memories of Nath

Do you ever have those moments in your life you'll remember forever?

One of mine, I hope I never forget:

Driving West on the 8, coming from out past SDSU into the valley's. Nathan and I are in the Prelude. I'm driving. We're passing Mission Gorge area, and Fat Boy Slim's "Right Here, Right Now" is on the radio. I'm fairly certain it was a CD I had stolen from Beth.

Nathan gets all animated and says "What do you imagine when you hear this song?!"

So he talks about how you see a camera skimming the water, maybe from a helicopter view. It's moving fast, you can see whitecaps and nothing but water, but you can *feel* the movement. As the music starts to build momentum the camera seamlessly changes to show a cliff. You're moving at the same speed, but you're now moving UP the side of a cliff.

As the song reaches the first crescendo you no longer see cliff. Suddenly, at the same speed with which you were moving both along the water, and up the cliff, you see grass. Maybe like the New Zealand or Ireland shots we see in the media here.

Just green. Maybe trees off to the side, but they're not the focus. Just the clear nothing of forever is before you. You're speeding along. You just keep moving. The world is open, available for exploration, and just speeding by.

You can feel the wind whipping past you, you see maybe, a castle! But again, it's not the focus. It's just there for a moment before you go whizzing past.

I heard this song today, on my Slacker station "Dance1". It made me think of Nathan, and how enthusiastic he was explaining his view on how he saw this song. Good memories!!!


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