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Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 Goals!

My goals this year are a little lofty, but what else am I doing with my life?! LOL

Exercise - I've realized running a half marathon really isn't do-able without being able to ice down, which is impossible due to my insane physiology. But I do want to be more active, go to the gym, go hiking with Pat, and enjoy being active. One never knows when that will be taken away. I need to do all I can to protect my ability to move, and to enjoy the activity levels I have and take advantage of what that entails!

Write Letters - I am going to try to send letters to friends and family this year. They won't be handwritten (no one would be able to read them!) but they will be sent through snail mail. Who doesn't LOVE getting mail?!

Re-design the blog - Pat will probably help extensively with this. But I want to have a clear plan and design idea before we begin. I'm a lot excited about this one! I want tags, and a different template for sure. I'm not even sure what other options exist, so I guess I'll have to do a lot of research! MY FAVORITE PART!

Travel Less - *GASP*! I know, you never thought you'd hear me say that. This year is a year of recuperating travel funds with savings, and trying to enjoy the house more. Also, more video games and reading means less doing other stuff. YAY!

Exert concerted effort to communicate with Pat - This one is a double edged sword, in a way. I want to focus on trying to hear what Pat is trying to tell me, without reacting to what I think I hear. I want to be understanding towards his viewpoint, without being judgmental. The downside is that when I do this and he forgets (as most men do) to be nice to me, I shall be forced to injure him. LOVE YOU HONEY!

Rejected goals:

Learn to Make Paper:
I realized I really don't care, it's more economical and environmentally sound for me to just buy it. Plus, let's face it, I'd probably buy a ton of stuff and try it once, and then never do it again. I'm totally good with store bought!

Travel More!: I really need to focus on goals that are important to Pat, as well as myself. And Pat hates going places. So! This is good! 2012 though - LOOK OUT!

Two blog posts a week: Let's be honest, that's not going to happen. Plus, sometimes I'm in a not nice place, and you really don't want me posting angry rantings of a crazy person. That's just wrong, and more than likely would get me fired. Work is what frustrates me 75% of the time, and those changes are made slowly. Oh, slowly.

Saying No!: I am 100% unable to say no to people, both in life and at work. It's a bad thing. But saying no closes doors. I'd rather take on an extra project, realize I need help - and ask for it, then not have the opportunity to work with people I wouldn't get to ordinarily, or to let someone else do it, and do it wrong. Yes, I'm a control freak. You'll live. Also, if I said no to people in life (friends and family), I'd have no friends and my family wouldn't speak to me. I'm not nice when I say no. I can't help it. SO it's either say yes constantly, or be a total bitch. I'd rather just say yes. I'll work on the "being controlled by one emotion at a time 100% throughout this year though....a little bit at least.

So here goes 2011! May you and yours be safe and happy, filled with joy and with as little sorrow as He sees fit to bring you. May your gaming go well, your friends support and love you, and may you actively seek the changes you desire in your life!



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