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Sunday, January 09, 2011

To Post or Not To Post?

See, what sucks about people knowing about my blog and having it connected to Facebook, and Twitter and all that jazz is that I can't get mad and say stuff like "RANDOM JERKFACE *insert name here* SUCKS!!!".

I'd like to! Oh, I'd LOVE to! Not really about work, but more about in game issues, ex-guildies, and some acquaintances. Not to mention random bad drivers in town, and stupid business owners. (But see, eventually that person will be my boss because living in a small town suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!))

I realize though, that I can't. Friends would read it, friends of friends would read it, they'd be offended FOR that person - it'd start a big fight, cause major drama, and all because someone's stupidity was to much for me to handle at that moment.

You all know me! My stupidity is OFTEN too much for others to handle. So what if people need to blow off steam, or let others know they're pissed off?

So I sit here this evening, after having spent 30 minutes attempting a sarcastic tweet (140 characters) towards someone I consider traitorous (the WORST offense, IMO), and inconsiderate - and while I didn't actually come up with anything good, I couldn't have posted it even if I did!!

I can't post it because people I'm friends with on Facebook know this person, and they'd be offended for them (as well they should!), and defend them (they certainly should NOT), and then I'd have to hate them as well, for their blind forgiveness and defense of the traitor (their friend) in question.

SO! I sit here repeating: I don't want to care anymore! I DON'T WANT TO CARE ANYMORE!!

But I do care, so I'm blogging it. But I'm oh so glad I don't play MMOs with Pat anymore, cause I probably would have said something in game, and started a ton of drama that didn't need to be started. So I'll just start some from my blog. :) It's more fun this way!

And no one from WoW reads my blog, except my RL friends - who I'm going to call tomorrow and bitch in great detail to! They get my frustration, even when they don't agree.

And now, to go get ready for bed while silently chanting: "No, really, I don't care anymore" over, and over, and over.....


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