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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hellloooooo Blizzcon! And - Paper Flowers

Only true geeks will understand the excitement I'm about to explode with! WE GOT BLIZZCON TICKETS!

I say we, but really, it was me. Cause I'm awesome.

You're welcome.

Tickets are/were being sold in two lots. The first lot went on sale Saturday at 10am Pacific. They sold out in one second. And I got 4! Pat, Me, Monique, and John are going to have a blast. I feel badly I couldn't get some for Matt, and Mom, and Nathan (Diablo details, and maybe the beta!!!), and others.

So you'll be seeing a lot of Blizzcon planning even though we're 5 months out. Really, the excitement can't be contained.

But we tried! Yesterday Monique came over to help me figure out tissue paper flowers. I was beyond lost, and after lovingly mocking me, Monique got a little lost too. Pat came to our rescue and helped us put together what I think are incredibly awesome decorations!!!


Definitely going to be making these a standard party decoration! And will definitely be planning more craft days. We had a blast.

Maybe we'll take them to Blizzcon!


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